Brad Parker introduces his new Podcast - Bar Talk: The Musings of Attorneys, Entrepreneurs and Other Interesting People

Message from Brad: 

"I find podcasts so fascinating and full of great information and have often thought to myself, why aren’t I doing this? Believe it or not, I know some interesting people with great stories of how they created their businesses, overcame adversity and how they got to where they are today. Most of you are probably familiar with Bar Talk – you most definitely are if you are reading this newsletter today! We also have Bar Talk videos where I address commonly asked legal questions as it relates to injury law and now, I am proud to launch my podcast called Bar Talk: The Musings of Attorneys, Entrepreneurs and Other Interesting People. This will be a place that focuses more on the personal life of people like small business owners in the DFW area, the mayor, restaurant owners, etc. versus a legal-based podcast. It has been so fun being able to sit down with these friends of mine and learn things about them I didn’t even know myself. I think you all will really enjoy this.

We are still finalizing some details around the podcast but you can find it live on September 25 at I am looking forward to sharing this with you and can’t wait to hear what you think!"

Coming soon on September 25!

W. Bradley Parker
Protecting the rights of North Texas personal injury victims since 1985.