Personal injury, it just felt natural to me I when I first got out of law school.  I went to work for a big downtown Fort Worth law firm and it was a prestigious job. It gave me some great experience and great learning but it was I never felt fulfilled professionally from the standpoint of helping banks and helping companies I didn't have that that fulfillment that really kind of drove me to be a lawyer to begin with and the more I saw and learned the more I realized that maybe being in the big firm wasn't the right thing for me.  So after about five years from that I went out on my own and it just seemed natural to kind of start doing some personal injury work and some what we call insurance bad faith or first-party insurance cases because you get you get the opportunity to help real people to talk to real people people who your efforts and your success makes a difference in their lives and that is very satisfying and very rewarding to me and it's just a sense of accomplishment success and fulfillment that drives me every morning. When I wake up to be able to help people I will tell you some of the best rewarding times are the hugs I get after a case is settled the cards I get from clients the little Christmas cookies or cakes that former clients will bring by all just to say thank you-you made a difference in my life and that's pretty rewarding.  
You know when I was working at a big downtown firm I never really got that from the CEOs of the banks that I represented and it is truly rewarding to know that you've made a difference in someone's life and you've really helped them out.      ‚Äč
If you have been injured, you want to be represented by someone who has a passion for helping others. Attorney Brad Parker takes pride in his work as a personal injury attorney, and is happy to help answer your questions about injury cases in Bedford.  Legal assistants of the Parker Law Firm appear in this video.