Not Only Did I Get A Phone Call Back, But Within Hours Brad And His Partner Visited With My Son And I At The Rehabilitation Center.

Never having had a need for a lawyer before, my assumption was that the first time would be very intimidating. This was not my experience with the Parker Law Firm. When my teenage son was in a horrific car accident I didn’t know where to turn for help until a friend recommended the Parker Law Firm. I called their office the very next day before their opening hours to leave a message and they actually answered the phone. Angela, the paralegal who answered the phone, took down all my information and said that they would be in touch. Not only did I get a phone call back, but within hours Brad and his partner visited with my son and I at the rehabilitation center. From that moment his firm handled everything. It was like a weight was lifted off my shoulders. All medical bills and correspondence was directed to their office and he and his staff handled everything allowing me to focus all my energy on my son and his needs. The Parker Law Firm gave me exactly what I needed during this time, they were with my son and I every step of the way, they treated us as we were the most important clients every time we met or talked with them and most of all they gave me peace of mind. If someone was to ask for a recommendation of a lawyer, I would not hesitate to provide them with the Parker Law Firm as that choice. From start to finish, from the receptionist to the lawyers, you know that you made the right decision.Valerie A. of Grand Prairie, Texas