I chose Parker Law Firm because of the reputation I heard they had through friends and by looking them up via the internet. Parker Law Firm spent countless hours of preparation for my trial and gave me the best chance I believe I had to receive the outcome I wanted. They kept me in touch with everything going on leading up to my trial. I was in contact with them quite often either by email and phone calls or by meeting with Mr. Parker at his office. I feel that working with the Parker Law Firm was successful because of the outcome of my trial. They did EVERYTHING possible to get me the best outcome I could receive. They work in a very professional manner and treat their clients like they are their most important and only client. I would tell a potential client that was on the fence about working with the Parker Law Firm or not to schedule a meeting with Mr. Parker. Once you meet Mr. Parker and his team you feel very much at ease with your decision. They are very professional and make you feel part of the team while you are working with them. They do not make you feel like you are just another client and feel ignored or being misled.Tommy K. of Aledo, Texas