Cathy and Tony Z. Testimonial

The Parker Law FirmDuring what was probably the absolute worst time of my life as our family was in crisis mode already due to overwhelming stress with a special needs son, a terminal diagnosis of my spouse, and a recent custom-home construction and extended move, as well as being small business owners, we had the unfortunate incident of my son’s leg being mauled from being pulled through a shared fence by my new neighbors dogs.

I am not usually the type to consider these type incidents an automatic need for an attorney, but my neighbors response of denial, zero accountability, & unapologetically rudeness prompted a necessary response.

Upon discussing my case with Mr. Brad Parker, and some basic detective work from him, he agreed to take our case. One thing I will say about Mr. Brad Parker is from the get go, I never felt he had overpromised and couldn’t deliver.

Throughout the process Brad was very professional, compassionate, & courteous, as was his dedicated staff.

He remained diligent, steadfast, very detail-oriented, reliable, and trustworthy.

He and his fabulous team continued to keep me on track, and explained the process every step of the way. He prepped me well for depositions & he kept me informed of the opposing party negotiations at all times.

Mr. Parker helped my husband & I keep our expectations realistic, and he negotiated a good solid settlement for our son. While it was quite an ordeal, Mr. Parker consistently made me feel comfortable, safe, and like I was truly in capable hands. We were well-advised and confident knowing Parker Law Firm was in our corner.

He’s the attorney you hope you never need, but glad he’s there when you do.

Yours truly, 

Cathy & Tony Z.

Cathy and Tony Z. of Argyle, TX