Hear From the People Who Matter | Past Client Testimonials

At Parker Law Firm, we don’t just believe people matter. We work every day to prove our commitment to that ideal. Driven by that goal, we have helped many Texas injury victims obtain a positive outcome that helps them move forward from their accident. Here, some of those clients share their stories and help describe the experience of working with our dedicated legal team. Read their personal accounts and find out what you can expect from our attorneys.

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  • Parker Law Firm is awesome!! They did an excellent job handling my case.

    Parker Law Firm is awesome!! They did an excellent job handling my case. They were always keeping me updated and explained things to me easily with things that I didn't understand. Everyone there is so friendly and helpful. There's no better law firm. They're the best.

    Wendy Ross of Euless, Texas
  • Mr. Parker is the best I’ve met and would suggest no other. His law firm gets what they promise. I’m doing very well thanks to Parker Law Firm.

    When I walked in the office the first day, we felt welcome. The whole team is very professional. Mr. Parker led me in the right direction and got everything done to our satisfaction, also in a timely manner. We selected Parker Law Firm for their professionalism and they never made me feel like I had no idea I knew what I was doing. I never had to send items twice. He came across as honest and trustworthy which, in the end, he proved. Lead us in the right direction, always returned our calls, let us know what to expect with each and every person we had to talk with, calmed me during my deposition and gave us hope. His secretary was a great help with everything we needed to supply her. Very well organized and never lost anything. Mr. Parker is a real professional and knows his laws well. Never had to look up laws, never said he would get back with us. Mr. Parker always left each session with all questions answered. Mr. Parker is the best I’ve met and would suggest no other. His law firm gets what they promise. I’m doing very well thanks to Parker Law Firm.

    Joel & Pam C. of Cleburne, Texas
  • Do Not Hesitate To Contact This Law Firm You Will Not Regret It!!!

    I was a passenger injured in a Motorcycle Accident, when the insurance company would no longer respond to phone calls, emails, or my request of reimbursement for medical bills and compensation of time lost from work, I was referred to Parker Law Firm by a life long friend. I met with Ryan Anderson of The Parker Law Firm and I am extremely happy I decided to go in this direction, it was a weight off my shoulders to have someone else take care of dealing with the insurance company. I was extremely happy with the results and dealing with Ryan Anderson and The Parker Law Firm was so easy as they kept me informed and before I knew it I had a settlement. Do not hesitate to contact this Law Firm you will not regret it!!!

    Kelley B. of Fort Worth, Texas
  • They Are Aggressive Defenders Of The Truth, And That Is What I Needed To Guarantee A Successful Outcome.

    I will always give a strong recommendation about the Parker Law Firm, because they are aggressive defenders of the Truth and that is what I needed to guarantee a successful outcome.

    Terrence R. of Oklahoma City, Oklahoma
  • I Was Pleased With The Quality And Professionalism I Always Felt When Contacting Their Office.

    After being injured in an automobile accident, I was unsure of what to do and felt overwhelmed. The attorneys and staff at the Parker Law Firm helped and obtained a successful outcome for me. I was pleased with the quality and professionalism I always felt when contacting their office. I highly recommend the Parker Law Firm if you have been injured.

    Carolyn M. of Fort Worth, Texas
  • They Work In A Very Professional Manner And Treat Their Clients Like They Are Their Most Important And Only Client.

    I chose Parker Law Firm because of the reputation I heard they had through friends and by looking them up via the internet. Parker Law Firm spent countless hours of preparation for my trial and gave me the best chance I believe I had to receive the outcome I wanted. They kept me in touch with everything going on leading up to my trial. I was in contact with them quite often either by email and phone calls or by meeting with Mr. Parker at his office. I feel that working with the Parker Law Firm was successful because of the outcome of my trial. They did EVERYTHING possible to get me the best outcome I could receive. They work in a very professional manner and treat their clients like they are their most important and only client. I would tell a potential client that was on the fence about working with the Parker Law Firm or not to schedule a meeting with Mr. Parker. Once you meet Mr. Parker and his team you feel very much at ease with your decision. They are very professional and make you feel part of the team while you are working with them. They do not make you feel like you are just another client and feel ignored or being misled.

    Tommy K. of Aledo, Texas
  • Not Only Did I Get A Phone Call Back, But Within Hours Brad And His Partner Visited With My Son And I At The Rehabilitation Center.

    Never having had a need for a lawyer before, my assumption was that the first time would be very intimidating. This was not my experience with the Parker Law Firm. When my teenage son was in a horrific car accident I didn’t know where to turn for help until a friend recommended the Parker Law Firm. I called their office the very next day before their opening hours to leave a message and they actually answered the phone. Angela, the paralegal who answered the phone, took down all my information and said that they would be in touch. Not only did I get a phone call back, but within hours Brad and his partner visited with my son and I at the rehabilitation center. From that moment his firm handled everything. It was like a weight was lifted off my shoulders. All medical bills and correspondence was directed to their office and he and his staff handled everything allowing me to focus all my energy on my son and his needs. The Parker Law Firm gave me exactly what I needed during this time, they were with my son and I every step of the way, they treated us as we were the most important clients every time we met or talked with them and most of all they gave me peace of mind. If someone was to ask for a recommendation of a lawyer, I would not hesitate to provide them with the Parker Law Firm as that choice. From start to finish, from the receptionist to the lawyers, you know that you made the right decision.

    Valerie A. of Grand Prairie, Texas
  • I Knew From The Beginning That I Would Need Someone That Was Experienced With Personal Injury Cases. Your Firm Did A Great Job!

    Thank you so much for representing me in my personal injury case. I was injured in an auto accident Fort Worth. I knew from the beginning that I would need someone that was experienced with personal injury cases. Your firm did a great job!

    A Satisfied Client
  • I Just Wanted To Say Thank You Again For Taking The Time Out Of Your Day To Help Me.

    You had taken a lot of time with me regarding my son’s motorcycle accident. You knew that there was nothing in it for you but you still took the time to talk to me. That kind of stuff goes along way these days. I’m a very loyal person and I want to help those who help others. I just wanted to say thank you again for taking the time out of your day to help me.

    Bryan N. of Fort Worth, Texas
  • Highly Recommend, Thanks Parker Law Firm!

    I was sandwiched between two 18 wheelers on 35. Totaled my truck and caused injury to my neck and legs. Brad Parker and his team are organized and diligent in putting together the best path to proceed with. They have a clear understanding of the litigation process and helped navigate us through it. Have patience, the process can take a while, but they are clear about that up front. Mr. Parker represented us well and we would highly recommend scheduling a meeting if you have been injured or wronged in any way! Thanks Parker Law Firm!

    Lisa N. of Georgetown, Texas