Parker Law Firm was founded on five core values and since identifying these core values, we have very intentionally used them in every aspect of the law firm business — hiring, firing, reviewing, rewarding, and recognizing people — not just for who we want to work with in the firm but also in who we use as vendors and who we agree to accept as clients.

Core values are vital and timeless guiding principles for our firm that permeate every facet of our activities. In essence, because each and every member or our team embodies our core values, we are able to work together almost seamlessly allowing for the best possible performance which results in the entire team remaining motivated and enthusiastic even during particularly difficult times, such as the COVID-19 pandemic. When core values are known and emphasized, they attract like-minded people (team members, clients, vendors) and tend to weed out people that do not fit.

Below are the core values that allow us to function so well as a law firm providing a voice for those who otherwise would not be heard — to pursue justice for those catastrophically injured due the negligence of others.

Our Five Guiding Values

Parker Law Firm Core Values

People Matter

We care about people, what they are going through, and truly get to know them.

Honest + Open Communication

We build relationships based on trust.

This is Our Calling

We have a passion for seeking justice for those who have been harmed by the negligence or stupidity of others.

Knowledge is Power

We strive to continuously educate and provide accurate information and resources so that the best decisions possible can be made.

Excellence in Everything

We put our best foot forward in every scenario and are always thinking about the path to success.

These values are shared and believed by our entire team and allow us to always move in the right direction in any situation in which we find ourselves. They are the foundation upon which we operate.

W. Bradley Parker
Protecting the rights of North Texas personal injury victims since 1985.