Helping Injury Victims Get Results in Texas

When another person’s carelessness leads directly to your injury, you do not have to suffer the consequences alone. From accidents on the road to dangerous products, the experienced attorneys at Parker Law Firm are committed to helping our clients be informed and empowered victims who tenaciously seek the justice and compensation they deserve. Learn more about what we do, the kinds of cases we take, and what sets our injury lawyers apart.


While it is true that accidents happen, it is also true that many accidents can be prevented. With a simple amount of care and responsible behavior, car and truck accidents, motorcycle crashes, swimming pool injuries, and gas and oilfield issues all can be avoided. The experienced legal team at the Parker Law Firm is here to provide information and work for the justice and compensation accident victims deserve. From their Bedford office, attorney Brad Parker and his staff put people first. 

Personal InjuryPersonal Injury

Every day, hard-working Texans are injured through no fault of their own. When another person’s careless or negligent behavior results in pain and suffering for you or someone you love, you can protect your rights. Even if you aren’t sure what your rights are or how to begin, you likely have more options than you think to obtain the justice and compensation you deserve.

Wrongful DeathWrongful Death

When a loved dies because of the reckless or negligent behavior of another person, surviving family members deserve answers and justice. For those left to pick up the pieces of their lives after the death, a wrongful death claim can often provide the closure and compensation that can help them begin to move forward. While no legal claim or amount of money can undo the emotional and financial damage, surviving family members can hold the responsible person accountable to prevent other families from experiencing similar grief. Additionally, these cases can provide compensation to ensure the financial security of the family and the stability of the future.

If someone you love has died because of the negligent behavior of another in Texas, you may be eligible to file a claim. Contact the experienced legal team at Parker Law Firm today. Brad Parker and his staff are here to provide the information and compassion your family needs, as well as the aggressive representation that can protect your rights and obtain justice for your loved one.

Product LiabilityProduct Liability

There are millions of products out in the market that promise consumers any number of benefits. At times, it can be difficult to decide what to use, especially for products that affect health and well-being. From picking out hygiene products at the drug store to undergoing a medical implant procedure, consumers trust that manufacturers of these goods respect and uphold their duty to provide products that are both safe and effective. Unfortunately, there have been times when manufacturers have disregarded that important obligation and knowingly provided products that are defective or dangerous, and these products have caused many people considerable pain, suffering and distress—physically, emotionally and financially.

Injury victims in Texas do not have to suffer these consequences alone, however. The legal team at Parker Law Firm offers experienced guidance and aggressive representation for product liability victims all over Tarrant and Dallas counties. Brad Parker and his team are here to provide victims with the information they need to be confident and empowered, as well as be tenacious advocates who will fight to protect their rights and their future. If you or someone you love has suffered injuries because of a defective or dangerous product, call the Bedford office today at to schedule a complimentary strategy session and learn more about your legal options.

Insurance ClaimsInsurance Claims

No one can prevent bad things from happening, but many Texans secure the protection of insurance to help when accidents and natural disasters occur. While everyone hopes he will never need to call on those protections, sometimes misfortune strikes. It can be frustrating and upsetting when an insurance company refuses to play its part by denying or delaying valid claims. Texans may be unsure of what to do and what rights they have.

During this stressful time, the attorneys at Parker Law Firm can provide the pertinent information and aggressive representation that Texans need. Brad Parker and his legal team have helped many people facing bad-faith insurance denials obtain the compensation they were owed. If you have filed a claim with your insurance company for your home or health, but it is not cooperating, call the Bedford office today to schedule a complimentary strategy session and learn more about your options.