When Fort Worth car accidents take place that results in at least one serious injury, it leads to fallout in several forms that many would never have foreseen. Serious, catastrophic injuries can not only debilitate someone permanently and change their lives for the worse, but the costs associated with this result can be crippling for anyone. Below you’ll find a brief overview of the potential costs faced by someone who has been harmed in a serious accident, and if you or someone you love has suffered this fate you need to seek the help of Fort Worth accident attorneys as soon as possible.

Immediate Medical Costs

If someone is badly injured in a car accident, that person will likely face the possibility of an extended hospital stay. Studies have shown that those who stay in hospitals can face costs of up to $6,000 per day, and this does not include surgery which is usually part of any serious injury case. Surgeries vary in cost, but many can cost up to $50,000 or more. In short, hospital stays that are more than a few weeks in duration can cost over one million dollars.

Aside from the medical costs incurred is the issue of health insurance. While many people have health coverage, many policies do not cover all of the costs associated with this type of extended care and many will only pay a percentage of the costs incurred. Therefore, those who have this type of coverage can still face the prospect of medical bills that they’ll never be able to pay.

Other Costs & Damages

Aside from the immediate medical costs associated with a serious injury, there are several additional costs that arise that may not appear in the form of medical bills. Specifically, if someone is seriously injured in a Fort Worth auto accident, that person may not be able to work for an extended period of time and will, therefore, lose income as a result. The loss of income will only increase the financial stress involved with the mounting medical bills.

Finally, if someone needs long-term medical care, physical rehabilitation, and special equipment, that person could also face several thousands of dollars in costs that are not one-time expenses, but rather are recurring in nature. Overall, more bankruptcies are filed by those who have been injured in car accidents  than for most other reasons.

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