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When Texas car accidents occur, the aftermath always leads to several processes that can be extremely stressful for someone who has been injured in a crash. One of those processes is that which involves the insurance companies that provide coverage for the parties that were involved in the collision. Anyone who finds themselves in this situation should seek the immediate help of experienced Fort Worth car accident lawyers, and below is a brief introduction regarding the role of insurance companies following a crash.

The Priority of Insurance Companies

While Texas law requires insurance companies to defend their policyholders in the aftermath of a car accident, everyone should remember that insurance companies are for-profit corporations. This means that these corporations are ultimately accountable to their shareholders, which means that those who are employed by these corporations need to work to maximize their annual profits.

This is done in this context by working to minimize the number of claims that are paid out by those who file them, as the more that are paid out in claims and settlements, the lower the profit margin will be. Therefore, insurance companies tend to hire skilled professionals to negotiate settlements, and these professionals are usually known as insurance adjusters.

Common Tactics of Insurance Companies

When a Texas car accident occurs and the injured party seeks an equitable and justifiable settlement, there are certain tactics that are used by insurance companies designed to limit their exposure. One such tactic is to simply delay the process for as long as possible. The more time that passes after an accident, the more urgent the need for money becomes for someone who has been injured and who have lost income and faces medical bills. Therefore, that person becomes more likely to simply accept a low settlement offer to put that stress in the past.

Another common tactic that’s used by insurance companies is to push that delay towards the statute of limitations for Texas personal injury lawsuits, particularly with injured parties who do not have legal representation. Insurance adjusters understand that people without a legal background will hesitate to jump into the world of litigation and will likely accept a settlement offer as that statute of limitations nears as opposed to attempting to file a lawsuit alone.

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