Why Are Overloaded Trailers So Dangerous?

W. Bradley Parker
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Texas State law dictates that the total weight of tractor trailers may not be more than 80,000 pounds. Truck checkpoints throughout American highway systems do their best to ensure that no semi-truck is dangerously overloaded, but still, some have been found to have an excess of five to ten tons of load. Not only is this a violation of the law, but it also endangers all the drivers on the road.

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The Dangers of an Overloaded Trailer

Weight regulations for tractor trailers are in place for a reason: the safety of everyone sharing the roadways. If a semi-truck has an overloaded trailer, numerous dangers may arise that could injure the driver or the other drivers around the vehicle.

  • Handling troubles: An overloaded trailer will decrease the responsiveness of the truck overall, making turning and handling all the more difficult. In certain situations, axles directly under an overloaded portion of the trailer may fail entirely.
  • Tipping over:Trailers are typically loaded with vertically stacked pallets. If it is overloaded, the excess weight could cause the trailer to become top-heavy, making it tip onto its side with even slight steering adjustments.
  • Stopping distance:Sometimes the truck driver is not aware that the trailer has been overloaded by the warehouse crew. If this is the case, in an emergency braking situation, the semi may require far more space than is available to come to a full stop, possibly injuring any drivers nearby.

Truck Accident Attorneys Are Waiting to Help You

If you have been injured by a commercial or industrial truck in an auto collision, it may be for any number of reasons, including an overloaded trailer. Proving that a trailer was overloaded may require documentation from several sources, including the warehouse at which it was loaded and any checkpoints along its route. Do not struggle with the headache of obtaining the evidence you need to win your case. Retain a professional lawyer from Parker Law Firm in Fort Worth, TX today to handle the details for you, all while you recover from the traumatic experience of a truck-related accident.

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