The world of technology has given society tools that many could have never imagined even a few short years ago. These tools make communication not only faster, but instantaneous. One of the latest innovations is the ability to send and receive text messages, which has provided the world with many benefits. Unfortunately, this ability has also presented many dangers to motorists, as texting while driving can and does lead to accidents. If you or someone you love has been seriously injured in such an incident, you need to seek the help of Fort Worth texting auto accident attorneys as soon as possible. Below is a brief overview of this issue.

Texting Leads to Distraction In Texas

Throughout history, and regardless of the era involved, there have been certain activities that people have engaged in while driving that took their attention from the road and the environment around them. These distractions have included the radio, cell phones and now text messaging. Drivers who are distracted has always been one of the leading causes of car accidents everywhere, as even a one-second lapse in attention can lead to instant disaster.

In regards to texting, several studies have been done recently that point out just how dangerous this practice can be on the roads. One such study that was done by researchers at Virginia Tech University found that sending and reading text messages while behind the wheel boosts the risk of an accident occurring by a factor of 23. As a result, several states have passed laws that ban this practice, but a more recent study has shown that these laws have little effect on curbing the practice and the resulting collisions.

Inattentive Driving and Negligence

The standards regarding negligence in Texas are relatively clear. If someone is not paying attention to his or her driving environment and causes an accident, this would be considered a breach of the legal duty of care, as that driver was not acting in a manner that was reasonable at the time.

Therefore, those who have been harmed by someone who was focused on his or her hand-held device at the time of a crash would likely have a strong case if a Bedford, Texas personal injury attorney filed a negligence lawsuit for the victim. If the claim proved to be successful, it could bring those who have been seriously harmed or worse damages that compensate them for medical costs, lost income and pain and suffering.

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