Preventing Injuries From Dangerous Nutritional Supplements

potentially dangerous supplementsThe Food and Drug Administration does not regulate the multibillion-dollar nutritional supplement industry and Americans are at risk for injury from these, in many cases, potentially dangerous supplements. These brands have made their way into many Dallas/Fort Worth shelves of corner drug and health food stores. Many brands tout attractive benefits of weight loss, muscle building and enhanced sexual performance. When people take these supplements with unregulated ingredients that are not approved by the FDA, they may be a serious risk of injury or even death.

Potentially Dangerous Nutritional Supplements

The FDA has very limited regulatory powers with nutritional and herbal supplements and can only act when it believes that a product that is already on the market has a serious risk of, or has already caused, injury or death.

Some of these potentially dangerous nutritional supplements are marketed as diabetes control medications, arthritis cures and relievers, sexual enhancement products and muscle builders. Personal injury attorneys realize these ingredients may include dangerous herbs with side effects that include vasodilation, which when mixed with other prescription drugs a person may already be taking can be fatal.

The best consumer practice is to consult your regular doctor before you begin taking any new supplement or herb that has made broad claims to improve your health. Your doctor (as well as a pharmacist) can review the supplement’s ingredients and determine if it contains potentially dangerous substances.