Burn injuries can be devastating. From disfiguring scars to permanent respiratory damage, victims of fires and burn injuries can require intense emergency medical treatment and years of follow-up plastic surgery and therapy. When a victim suffers burns in a car crash because another driver acted negligently, he has the right to hold the at-fault party accountable through a personal injury lawsuit. At Parker Law Firm, we proudly fight for burn victims to get the recovery they deserve. Burn injuries caused by car accidents

Burns Are Not Just Caused by Fire

While the most common type of burn-related to motor vehicle accidents is caused by fire or heat, you can be burned in other types of accidents as well. Emergency departments and trauma burn centers treat a variety of burns, including the following:

Thermal burns.

A thermal burn is caused by contact with an extremely hot object. Flames cause thermal burns, but you can also be burned by touching hot metal, steam or broiling pavement. An object heated to a temperature of 109.4 degrees can cause skin to burn with prolonged contact.

Chemical burns.

If your skin or eyes come in contact with a harsh chemical, such as battery acid, you can suffer a chemical burn. Even though no heat is involved, chemical burns can cause the same kind of damage to skin as a thermal burn.

Electrical burns.

When the body comes in contact with an electrical current, it can be burned at the site of contact, and there can be damage to internal organs, tissues and muscles. Motor vehicles have many electrical systems, and victims can be hurt when they come in contact with this electricity during a car crash.

Friction burns.

If your bare skin scrapes against a hard surface, you may experience a friction burn. In a motorcycle or bicycle crash, this is often known as road rash and can lead to serious complications.

Levels of Burn Injuries and the Treatment They Require

Burns are categorized by degree according to how much tissue is damaged. Emergency responders and trauma teams will determine which of the following you have suffered:

First-degree burn.

The least serious burn, a first-degree burn affects only the outermost layer of skin—the epidermis. A first-degree burn typically heals on its own within a week or so, but a doctor may recommend an antibiotic cream to speed healing.

Second-degree burn.

When the layer of skin below the epidermis is affected by the burn, it is known as a second-degree burn. This type of burn can be caused by flames, hot water, hot objects, chemicals and electricity. A skin graft, which involves transplanting healthy skin over the burned area, may be required to allow for healing.

Third-degree burns.

This is the most serious burn when both layers of skin are destroyed along with hair follicles, sweat glands and other tissue. Skin grafts are always required with a third-degree burn.

Serious burns can be fatal. A burn victim can die if he experiences shock, organ damage, infection or respiratory damage.

How People Get Burned

Nearly 75 percent of burns treated in emergency rooms each year occur in the home. Kitchen accidents are a leading cause of burn injuries, and children are often the victims. However a significant number of burn injuries happen in accidents caused by someone’s negligence. If you were burned in any of the following, you may have grounds to file a personal injury lawsuit:

Car accident.

A catastrophic car crash could cause a vehicle fire that burns those trapped inside, or a victim could be exposed to the hot engine block during an accident.

Commercial truck crashes.

When semi-trucks crash, carrying flammable liquids or dangerous chemicals, those nearby can be exposed and burned.

Motorcycle crashes.

In a motorcycle accident caused by a careless driver, the rider could suffer a friction burn or be burned by the tailpipe if the cycle lands on him.

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