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Insurance Claims & Tornado Damage in Bedford, Texas 

Texans are familiar with the threat of tornados. Recently, the Dallas / Fort Worth area was hit hard by a series of tornadoes that touched ground in the Spring of 2013. Tornadoes can affect anyone, sparing no business, home, vehicle or individual in their paths. After a devastating tornado, individuals usually seek compensation from their insurance companies and assume that the insurance will provide them with the compensation that they deserve; however, in some situations, policyholders will find themselves facing Insurance Bad Faith Practices. If you are struggling with your insurance company to collect the compensation you require, contact a Bedford lawyer from Parker Law Firm right away.

Following a natural disaster, you should be able to rely on your insurance company to provide you with compensation quickly and in accordance with the terms in your policy. Unfortunately, some insurances companies offer incredibly low settlements, deny coverage, or draw out the claims process. These practices are unacceptable, especially when you are trying to rebuild your life following a tornado. Contact Parker Law Firm if you are seeking any of the following damages from your insurance provider:

  • Casualty losses
  • Fire claims
  • Storm, wind or hail damage claims
  • Structural losses
  • Business loss claims
  • Roof and foundation claims
  • Water claims

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When an insurance company denies an individual compensation even though the policyholder has been paying premiums and filed claims in a timely manner, Parker Law Firm can help. We understand the urgency of the situation and can work diligently to provide our clients with favorable resolutions to their cases. You may be able to plan for a tornado, but you cannot plan for an insurance company to deny you the coverage you deserve. If you are looking to obtain compensation from your insurance company, contact Parker Law Firm right away and schedule a Complimentary Strategy Session.