Commercial truck drivers have tight schedules, usually needing to put miles and miles of highway behind them each and every day. The pressure put upon them by their parent companies can be stressful and many may resort to speeding to try to fulfill duties, or just to get home before midnight. Breaking the speed limit is not only illegal but also extremely reckless.

Why is speeding in a semi-truck so dangerous?

Tractor trailers are nothing short of massive and command a larger portion of highway space than most drivers realize. They can weigh – on average – 80,000 pounds and still maintain the speed of the much-lighter vehicles around them, giving commercial trucks a devastating amount of force behind them.

Stopping distances will be increased while reaction times are decreased. Going above the speed limit will only continue to minimize the truck driver’s ability to react safely while increasing the impact of the trailer, if and when it collides with another driver.

Seeking Compensation in a Truck Collision

It is estimated that up to 80% of all collisions with a commercial or industrial truck are found mostly at fault of the driver of the semi. Taking legal action is your best chance at getting any restitution you deserve, but it can be impossible alone. Not only will you be going up against the truck driver in court, but you may also face his employer and your own insurance company, should they not cover certain damages.

Have You Been Injured In A Texas Area Truck Accident?

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