Trucks often carry large loads of materials hundreds of miles at a time. In spite of state and federal regulations regarding the transportation of these goods, many accidents are caused when improperly secured cargo comes loose, causing injury to other drivers.

Who is responsible for securing truck cargo?

Truck drivers are responsible for making sure their cargo is secure, and must regularly check the materials they are delivering to ensure that they are prepared for safe transportation. Failure to do this could lead to dangerous conditions for other drivers, possibly resulting in a fatal accident.

Potentially hazardous situations include:

  • Spilled or dripping chemicals
  • Improperly secured tarps
  • Uncovered materials
  • Shift of weight while driving
  • Failure to inspect materials

In order to be eligible for a personal injury claim related to insecure cargo, you must be able to provide evidence that a truck driver failed to follow safety regulations for their transported materials. Contact our Fort Worth truck accident attorneys for seasoned guidance in this area of the law. We can assess the evidence surrounding your accident and guide you to the best course of action for your case.

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