At the Parker Law Firm, we rarely handle any case that medical treatment has not been obtained almost immediately. If the injuries are serious then immediate medical attention is almost always obtained. There are certainly times when the significance of the injury is not readily apparent and there may be some delay in obtaining medical treatment. But if you are hurt, you need to go to the doctor as soon as humanly possible. By delaying you are just providing a defense to the insurance company that will minimize your claim. They will take the position that you must not be very hurt if you did not seek medical treatment; delayed in seeking medical treatment; or did not follow up on that treatment as directed by the healthcare provider.

However, the opposite of that is sometimes true as well. There can be the initial treatment for what is believed to be a minor back injury and then no treatment for a period of time in the hopes that the pain will resolve. After all, back injuries often times heal on their own, it just takes time. But over time it either does not get better or even gets worse before further treatment is sought. This often times clouds the picture of whether there has been a subsequent injury.

The bottom line is that if you are hurt, you need to get to the doctor and you need to follow up with your doctor’s appointments and do exactly what they say. Our Bedford Car wreck attorneys know it is important to see a doctor as soon as possible. The fact that you do not go immediately to the doctor is not necessarily devastating to a case but it will raise issues as to why. 

Importance Of Following Doctor’s Orders Strictly In A Personal Injury Claim

It is extremely important to follow the doctor’s recommendations and advice concerning treatment and rehabilitation. If the doctors says, “Go to physical therapy”, you need to go to physical therapy. The reason is very simple. First and foremost, you need to get well. But secondly, the insurance companies will look at that and make a determination that, “If you didn’t go to physical therapy like your doctor said you should, then you must not be that hurt; or if you are hurt, it’s because you didn’t follow the doctor’s advice”. While we know that may not necessarily be the case, that is a very powerful argument in front of a jury.

What you have always got to keep in mind is what are the twelve people on the jury going to think about your behavior, and especially your behavior in getting well and getting treated by the doctor. If they believe that, “Part of the reason you are hurt is that you didn’t do what the doctor said”, they are not likely to compensate you as much as you might otherwise deserve. Insurance companies know this, they understand this, and they play on this. If they see that you are not following your doctor’s advice or you are not getting treatment, they know they can use that to minimize the value of your claim.

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