Texas experiences pretty severe thunderstorms that are often accompanied by serious hailstorms. Hail can be devastating; it is not uncommon for ice to form hailstones the size of baseballs that cause significant damage to vehicles, homes, and property. In some situations, these immense hailstones have even seriously injured individuals throughout the Fort Worth area. Insurance agencies covering Fort Worth residents know that an unexpected hailstorm can slam the area anytime and that insurance claims for hail damage are not unheard of. However, some insurance companies deny coverage or offer low settlements to their policyholders. This is known as insurance bad faith, and if you are wrongfully being denied coverage, you need to contact Parker Law Firm today.

Regardless of the damage that you may be facing, your insurance company should provide you with a portion of damages to cover the costs of repairs. Roofs, windshields, windows, structures, and vehicles often sustain significant damage from these storms and in some cases, insurance companies estimate damage to be in the thousands of dollars. If you have tried filing a claim with your insurance provider to no avail, you need to contact Parker Law Firm right away. We have experience handling these claims. Policyholders who pay their premiums and file their claims in a timely manner deserve compensation. Do not face the insurance companies alone! If you are seeking assistance, work with a Fort Worth lawyer from our team.

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After a storm, individuals dealing with significant damages may not know where to turn; however, at Parker Law Firm, we are proud to offer comprehensive legal services to clients throughout the Fort Worth area. Since 1985, we have assisted countless individuals with obtaining the compensation that they deserved for their injuries and damaged property. While being prepared and well informed of a potential storm can significantly spare your property, it may not be enough. If you are seeking compensation and having a difficult time dealing with insurance companies and claims adjusters, contact Parker Law Firm today and schedule a Complimentary Strategy Session with our team.

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