Drunk Driving Among Females Ticking Upward

W. Bradley Parker
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drunk driving femalesAs the country sees a decline in the total number of drunk driving accidents, there is a surprising upward tick of the number of drunk driving accidents involving female drivers.

The number of DUI arrests involving women has climbed steadily through the years, according to The Traffic Injury Research Foundation. Drunk driving arrests among women increased 30 percent, over a decade spanning 1998 to 2007. What was once a wide chasm between the number of DUI arrests for men and arrests for women has narrowed considerably. Although males continue to hold the top spot with the majority of all DUI arrests every year, females are quickly catching up.

Some analysts attribute the increase for female drunk drivers to an increase in binge drinking among young women. A binge drinker is one classified as someone who consumes five or more drinks in a single session. Binge drinkers are much more likely to drive under the influence of alcohol, and be arrested.

In the past women tended to avoid risks, but according to the researchers, more women are becoming risk takers and acting more impulsively. Consequently, they’re also more susceptible to rash decisions like driving while intoxicated.