Drunk Driving Statistics in Fort Worth

It is difficult to believe how common alcohol-related accidents are, but statistics show that someone dies in alcohol-related auto accident almost every half hour, and someone is non-fatally injured every two minutes. In the past year, over one million people were injured in alcohol-related traffic crashes. And drunk-driving accidents are responsible for nearly one-third of all traffic-related deaths in the United States. Unfortunately, drunk drivers are commonly repeat offenders and not only endanger their lives, but also the lives of their passengers, other drivers and pedestrians.

The Fort Worth drunk driving accident lawyers at Parker Law Firm have many years of experience handling all types of accident cases, including drunk driving accidents.

Drunk Driving Accident Liability

In the case of a drunk-driving incident, liability can be extremely complicated and difficult to prove. Depending on the situation, not only the driver who is driving while intoxicated is considered culpable. It is also possible that anyone providing alcohol (including bar and restaurant owners) may be responsible in the case of a serious accident or fatality.

It is possible that in some situations, a party host could be considered responsible for an accident if they do not stop a guest from drinking once it is obvious the guest is intoxicated. Due to these concerns, one should always seriously consider the consequences of driving after they have been drinking or allowing others to drink and drive.

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