Distracted Employees Who Operate Vehicles Are A High Risk For Employers

W. Bradley Parker
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distracted driving, employeesAlthough most would consider teenagers to be the highest risk group when it comes to distracted driving, employers are also at high risk when their driving employees become distracted and are involved in vehicle accidents.

A growing number of employees driving during the course of business, while using their cell phones, snacking, drinking coffee or in some cases all three simultaneously, are an increasing liability for their employers.

Multitasking on the road is a major problem, just ask any personal injury attorney who continues to see car accidents resulting from distracted driving. Even with tough legislation introduced that prohibits cell phone use while driving, there are always other distractions. Employers educating their driving employees on the dangers of distracted driving can go a long way to prevention.

If you or a loved one has been involved in a vehicle accident as a result of distracted driving, we can help.

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