Pursuing Justice for Victims of Defective DePuy Hip Implants in Texas

Millions of people have encountered the need for a hip replacement due to injury or age and one of the emerging techniques in recent years has been to implant artificial hip joints into a patient so that he or she can regain his or her mobility and eliminate or minimize the pain. The Fort Worth DePuy hip replacement attorneys at Parker Law Firm have many years of combined successful experience handling hip replacement cases. One of the leading companies with regards to this artificial hip joint replacement has been DePuy, and its line of hip replacement products has sold well all over the world.

Serious problems began to arise for many people who had entrusted these products to serve as their new hips and as a result, DePuy hip replacement lawyers began to get involved with these situations where consumers had suffered. Below you’ll find a brief overview of this troubling issue. If you or someone you love has been harmed by one of these products, seek the help of experienced DePuy hip replacement lawyers as soon as possible.

Depuy Hip Replacement Products – How They Work

There has been more than one DePuy hip replacement product released into the American marketplace in recent years, but in general these products are constructed much like a hip joint that appears in a normal and healthy human body. Surgeons take these products and implant them into the patients who need hip replacements, with the intention that the patient’s body will adapt around this product over time. As a result, the patient would have a new hip joint that was supposed to last for approximately 10 years. If you or a family member has been the victim of a defective DePuy Hip Replacement, contact the experienced and successful Bedford injury attorneys at Parker Law Firm for a Complimentary Strategy Session.

Problems Arise and the Depuy Hip Replacement Recall

Many reports of serious problems with these products began to arise and many patients had to undergo corrective surgeries or even have these products removed altogether. Patients faced this unfortunate reality because of the defective products that were implanted in their bodies, and these problems led to excruciating pain and a loss of mobility. In other words, the very reasons they got hip implants in the first place were obviated by these defective DePuy hip replacements.

The problems that were related to these products were basically two-fold. First, some of these units did not form properly with the tissue that surrounded the hip joint in the patient’s body and the joint ultimately broke apart. In addition, there were problems with other products whereby the metal-on-metal joints led to shavings being released into the circulatory system of the body created potential for poisoning.

A DePuy hip replacement recall was initiated in August of 2010 for its defective ASR device. However, this DePuy hip replacement recall does no good for the estimated tens of thousands of people who had already had this device implanted in their bodies. Those people face uncertainty with regards to their hips and their health.

Bedford Depuy Hip Replacement Attorney Complimentary Strategy Session

Parker Law Firm attorneys are dedicated to providing their clients with the best possible legal representation. They use their extensive experience to seek maximum compensation for their client’s recoveries. If you have trusted this defective product to serve as your hip and you’ve been harmed as a result, contact the Bedford DePuy hip replacement lawyers at Parker Law Firm today to schedule a Complimentary Strategy Session.