Contingency FeesEveryone should be able to pursue proper financial compensation after an accident without having to break the bank. But more often than not, you hear stories about attorneys who charge their clients more for their services than they win in a settlement or at trial, assuming they win anything at all. At Parker Law Firm, our Fort Worth personal injury attorneys proudly take a stand against the idea that legal advocates should make more out of a case than the people they represent. By using contingency fees and policy of no upfront costs, we hope to give the people of Texas the opportunity to work with powerful and highly-experienced lawyers for their injury claims without risking their life savings in the process.

What Exactly Are Contingency Fees?

There is no such thing as a “sure bet” – unless the game has been rigged – but there are “safe bets.” In the world of legalities and litigation, there is no safer bet than contingency fees. When a personal injury attorney uses a contingency fee agreement, they will only be paid a percentage of any winnings the client gets through a verdict or settlement. This means that if there is no recovery made, there is nothing owed to the attorney for fees or for the expenses that have been incurred. This also means that the attorneys should be highly selective in the types of cases that we will accept for representation. At Parker Law Firm we will not accept those cases that are frivolous or that are not sustainable because of the law or the facts. Litigation is very expensive and unless your case is meritorious and involves serious injuries we at the Parker Law Firm will be unable to accept representation. Obviously, this might not be the case if the lawyer is willing to pursue your personal injury matter on an hourly fee basis.

Most people cannot afford to pay an attorney an hourly fee. Therefore, contingent fees allow the hiring of a lawyer in a way that the lawyer only gets paid if there is an actual recovery. This also gives the client a sense of trust in that the lawyer is going to work hard for a fair settlement or will take the case to trial because the more the lawyer can obtain the more their fee will be. On the other hand, if the lawyer believes that the settlement is fair, they will tell the client so because they only stand to lose if the case goes further, unlike a lawyer paid an hourly fee who has every incentive to continue the litigation – even if it is not in the best interests of the client.

What Do You Mean There are No Upfront Costs?

One of the phrases that gets tossed around when you hear people talking of lawyers is “retainer fee”. A retainer fee is when an attorney charges an amount of money just to begin working on your case. This is often advertised as a way for the client to secure the attorney’s services. However, it usually is nothing more than a way for a lawyer who is afraid the client’s case might not pan out or result in a victory to put money in their own pocket at the beginning. We do not believe it is right to collect payment on something until the job is complete. To this end, Parker Law Firm does not charge upfront or retainer fees. We are only going to get paid if we prevail with your case and obtain a recovery.

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