Construction Site Accidents: Assessing Blame For Injury, Amputation And Wrongful Death

W. Bradley Parker
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construction siteDallas is a city with a plethora of major construction sites at any given time. Each year, accidents at these dangerous sites kill or injure construction workers. Builders and subcontractors from several different companies work side by side with workers moving in and around each other as they complete everything from electrical work, to welding steel, to putting up drywall. The workers handle dangerous tools that can take an eye out or cut off an arm within the blink of an eye. When accidents at construction sites occur, how is blame assessed? How is the percentage of blame divvied up?

Defective Tools and Products Lead to Injuries 

Other construction injuries can result from defective tools and products. If the safety on a table saw failed and you cut your finger off, or maybe the harness you were wearing was fastened properly, but a strap shredded, you fell and were severely injured — all of these are examples of injuries that could be caused due to a product malfunction.

To sort out the details of the cause, blame, medical expenses, lost wages and other considerations, you need an experienced construction accident attorney. Personal injury cases from construction accidents need thorough investigation and the professionals at Parker Law Firm can help.