When consumers buy products, they rightfully expect that those goods will work safely and effectively. This is especially true when making decisions on products related to healthcare and wellbeing. Unfortunately, sometimes manufacturers and marketers take shortcuts or ignore warning signs, allowing dangerous products out into the market. When that happens, the consequences for consumers can be devastating. Despite their careful consideration and efforts at improving their lives, these victims are left facing pain, hospitalization, surgery, and even death.

In Texas, injury victims and their families do not have to suffer these consequences alone. The experienced legal team at Parker Law Firm aggressively represents Texans who have suffered injuries due to defective and dangerous products. Through a product liability case, these dedicated lawyers help victims identify those responsible and seek compensation to ensure the medical care and financial security they deserve. Call our Bedford office today to learn more about these cases and how Parker Law Firm may be able to help.

A Product Liability Claim Can Help After Injury by a Defective Product or Device

A product liability claim is the legal term for a lawsuit filed against those responsible when a person is injured by a defective or dangerous product. There are three main types of product liability cases:

  • Design flaw: the design of a product is inherently dangerous or defective.
  • Manufacturing defect: an error in the production of the product leaves the product with a flaw that creates a danger to people or property.
  • Marketing defect: Either the product is not adequately labeled with a warning of any possible dangers or the instructions for use are not appropriate.

To pursue a product liability claim, the victim must show that the product was defective and that the defect led to his injury. In Texas, these claims follow the rule of strict liability, which means that when the product is deemed defective, the responsible party will be held accountable regardless of how much care was exercised in getting the product to the market.

Who Can Be Held Responsible for a Dangerous Product in Texas?

The question of who is responsible for a defective or dangerous product is often disputed by those along the supply chain, with each level wanting to shift blame elsewhere. Every situation is unique, and the specific circumstances of each case will determine who can and should be held accountable. It can be possible to pursue a claim against the:

  • Product manufacturer.
  • Component parts manufacturer.
  • Assembling manufacturer.
  • Wholesaler.
  • Retail store owner.

Types of Product Liability Cases Our Bedford, Texas Law Firm Handles

When any defective product makes it to the hands of consumers, the risks can be significant. This is especially true, however, when the products are directly related to healthcare, which can have intimate and significant consequences. At Parker Law Firm, this experienced legal team understands the incredibly personal nature of these claims, as well as the pain and frustration that accompany the injuries caused by these products. These experienced injury lawyers work tenaciously to ensure that victims do not have to suffer further. The Parker legal team offers aggressive representation to those who have suffered injuries from:

How Our Bedford Product Liability Lawyers Can Help

Product liability victims, especially those who have suffered injuries from products used to improve their health, can suffer significant and long-lasting consequences from these dangerous and defective products. With the help of an experienced Texas law firm, victims can obtain the compensation they need to heal and move forward with their lives. In some cases, legal action can also help prevent others from suffering a similar experience.

At Parker Law Firm, the tenacious legal team can ease the burden on victims and their families with thorough and personalized service. While victims focus on their recovery and what really matters, the Parker team will:

  • Obtain medical records.
  • Find and retain expert witnesses.
  • Determine liability.
  • Meet filing deadlines.
  • Negotiate with opposing parties.
  • Represent victims in court.

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