Was Your Accident Caused by a Defective Auto Product?

More than 400,000 Texas car accidents occur every year, and most of them involve fault by one driver or partial fault that’s shared by multiple drivers. However, there are other Fort Worth car accidents that are not the fault of anyone who is behind the wheel at the time, but rather they have occurred because of a defect that’s present in one of the vehicles. Anyone who has been harmed in this situation needs the immediate help of a Fort Worth automotive defect attorney at Parker Law Firm personal injury lawyers. Below is an overview of this issue.

Automotive Defects Can and Do Happen

For many years, most people thought that the occurrences of automotive defects were few and far between. However, recent events that include the recall of millions of Toyota vehicles served as notice to the public at large that automotive defects can occur for a variety of reasons and can be the responsibility of even the most renowned automotive manufacturers in the world.

More Dangerous Than Negligent Driving

When a driver is negligent behind the wheel and causes an accident that leads to injuries, there are instances where the driver who has been wronged by the collision in question at least has a few seconds to prepare for impact. When it comes to automotive defects, there is often no warning or time to prepare – the vehicle simply malfunctions randomly and leaves the driver, the vehicle’s passengers and perhaps anyone in the area in a state of extreme peril.

Automotive Defects Cases Present Challenges

Anyone who has been injured because of an automotive defect or the loved ones of someone who has been killed for this reason can face a difficult task when it comes to fighting for and obtaining justice. Many automotive manufacturers are multi-billion-dollar corporations with vast resources at their disposal. These resources are often put to use to bring in highly skilled defense attorneys and sought-after expert witnesses in order to build a strong defense against legal claims.

Fortunately for any individual, this playing field can be leveled immediately if someone who has been harmed seeks the help of equally skilled Fort Worth personal injury lawyers. Car accident attorneys in Fort Worth with this degree of skill and experience can counter defense tactics, evidence, and arguments and persuade the court that his or her client’s suffering is the result of a serious problem with either the design or the manufacture of the vehicle in question.

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