There you are just sitting at a stoplight minding your own business. And then, out of nowhere, the driver in the car behind you can’t stop – therefore crunching your bumper and knocking your sunglasses off your head. And while it may not be a serious accident, there are definitely a few things you can do to protect yourself and ensure your well-being later.

Documentation is Key After a Car Accident

First of all, exchange names and insurance information right away. Be sure to call the police as well. If at all possible, get names and numbers from people who witnessed the accident. Also, take pictures of the damage. Document everything you can about what was going on directly before the accident as well as afterward.

Secondly, go get checked out by medical professionals as soon as possible after leaving the scene. You may feel okay at the moment, but most likely that is due to the adrenaline that’s pumping through your body after this shock to your system. And soft tissue injuries to the neck and back can start to bother you within hours of getting into an accident, so the sooner you get checked out the better off you’ll be later. Keep all the records from medical providers including treatment information and receipts.

The Parker Law Firm Fights For Your Rights in DFW Texas Region

The final step is realizing that you don’t have to go this route alone. Find yourself a good auto accident lawyer directly following your accident. He or she can help you navigate the property damage claim as well as the personal injury claim. A Dallas/Fort Worth car accident attorney can be your secret weapon to getting the most out of your claim and get you back into the swing of things as soon as possible.

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