The answer to that question is really how drunk they were, and can you prove where they'd been drinking? If the person who hit you got drunk at a local bar and is noticeably drunk, there is a possibility that you can sue the bar for over-serving them. In order to do that, however, you've got to prove a lot of elements. One of the elements is that the bar knew or should have known that they were obviously intoxicated. The way you show that is oftentimes these bars, these days will have video cameras. You can see how often they were served. If the bar overserved them, then that's the natural place to look because they knew that they were over-serving and putting a drunk on the roadway. They should be held responsible for that. We routinely handle liquor liability or DRAM shop cases. We've been quite successful at it.

If you've been permanently injured as a result of a drunk driver, I encourage you to give us a call because there may be another avenue that we can look at other than just the driver and hold that bar responsible for putting that driver on the road to begin with.

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