Ultimately, we want the insurance company for the person who caused the problem to pay the bills, but that's on down the road. They're not going to pay it immediately and they're not going to pay it piecemeal as you go. In these situations, the insurance company will not pay until they pay one time at the end of the case — a lump sum settlement. That's why you want to be sure and put it on your medical insurance, because if you don't then they won't bill your insurance.

They won't bill the insurance company that hit you and you will get a bigger bill at the end of the day than if you had used your insurance. The other issue that you're going to run into is that many doctors will not see car wreck victims, even if you have insurance. So you need to be ready for that and try to get to someone who will take your insurance and will see a car wreck victim. If you're having any kind of difficulties you need to call a law firm or a lawyer to try and get some help on that.

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