When should I submit my medical bills?

We find that medical documents are a major source of stress after a serious car or truck crash or other type of accident. But we are here to help!

Submit medical bills and documents to your attorney

First, start a diary or Excel sheet with the following columns:

  • Date
  • Facility Name
  • Doctor Name
  • Reason for the visit
  • Result of visit
  • Out-of-pocket incurred expense

Then, fill this in on the day of every visit so that you can be confident you are tracking ALL of your expenses. This is important because the at-fault driver’s auto insurance company will only payout to cover expenses one time. If you leave off visits and bills, you may not be fairly compensated for them.

As a Parker Law Firm client, we encourage you to email this document to us every single time you see a healthcare provider. This ensures we are absolutely up to date regarding your medical treatment.

If you receive a medical bill and you have legal representation, make sure you are making copies of these and forwarding to us or your attorney for review.

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