Many factors go into the determination of what a personal injury claim is worth, just as there are a number of factors that make it possible to assign blame. Ideally, the two work together to present a strong claim for personal injury so you may be reimbursed for your physical injuries, as well as property damages.

The insurance adjuster for your vehicle insurance company will give you the best estimate on your losses for property damage. As he or she works with the police and other insurance adjusters, blame can be ascertained — it’s not always assigned in totality to one person, sometimes there are mitigating circumstances.

The total value of your losses will include property damage, current and future medical bills, any belongings in the vehicle that were lost or ruined, a possible loss of consortium and wages, and any other loss that can have a dollar value placed on it. This number is then multiplied by a percentage of blame that is yours, which will then give you an estimate of the value of your claim. For example, if the value of your claim is $17,000 and you share 5 percent of the blame for the accident, it decreases your claim value by $850.00; so you would receive $16,150. Since you were 5 percent liable; however, your claim will be further reduced by 5 percent of the claim amount of the driver of the other vehicle. If there claim was $30,000, then can sue you for $1,500, which will reduce your claim’s worth to $14,650.

The last deduction for your claim will be the attorney’s fees.

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