Most people couldn’t ever imagine leaving the scene of an accident, but hit and run accident levels are on the rise across the country. According to authorities, there are four main reasons why at-fault drivers leave the scene of a traffic accident in the Dallas/Fort Worth area:

  • The driver has no insurance. This is fairly common, as there are many uninsured and under-insured drivers and when one of these drivers causes an accident, they flee the scene of the collision because they fear the costs of having to pay for the accident. Quite often as well, the drivers are not even licensed to drive.
  • The driver panics. A lot of drivers panic after being in an accident. Being in an accident is frightening and some drivers are simply unsure of what to do. Texas law is very clear, however. Failing to stop and offer assistance and exchange information after a vehicle accident is a crime.
  • The at-fault driver is wanted by police or has a record. In many hit and run accidents the driver who leaves has a criminal record, is driving a stolen car, or is otherwise wanted by police. In these cases, the driver hopes that if the authorities cannot find them, they will not be charged for the accident and for any other crimes.
  • The driver is driving under the influence. In many cases, a driver who is driving under the influence doesn’t even realize he or she has hit someone, and will leave the scene of an accident. In other cases the driver knows he’d face an additional charge of a DUI, but it will be harder to prove intoxication if the driver cannot be found at the time of the accident.

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