How Long Do These Cases Usually Take To Be Resolved?

Each case is different. A typical case is going to last three to four months after your treatment finishes. Most clients do not understand at least initially that you cannot settle with the insurance company until you finish treating. For example, if you have broken your arm as a result of the air bag that deployed in an accident, the doctor sets your arm and it seems to be healing just fine and you go out and settle the case before you are released from your doctor. Then if an infection develops and it does not become apparent until after you settle the case. The infection may cause a lot more problems and you might need a lot more treatment, but since you have settled the case, you will not get any more recovery, it is a closed case.

Therefore, the answer to the question about how does long does it typically take depends on how long is it going to take for you to quit treatment. Once you have finished treatment, then a demand package is put together. At Parker Law Firm, we put a very elaborate demand package together for each and every client and claim, unique and individual to that claim and then send it off to the insurance company. It usually takes anywhere from thirty up to ninety days for that process to occur. If suit has to be filed in the case, then you can expect it to last two years. Most lawsuits do not take that long, but it is better that you plan on two years rather than having the expectation that it will only be months and then it takes two years.

What Components of a Case Make up a Viable Case Versus One That is Probably Not Going Too Far?

A viable case requires three things:

  1. It requires liability on the part of the person who hit you.
  2. It requires injuries, usually significant injuries.
  3. Thirdly, it has to be proven that the injuries were caused by the wreck.

Everybody knows that it is illegal to drink and drive. But if a drunk driver runs in to you and does not cause any injury to you what so ever, then you do not have a viable case, because you do not have one of the three elements, the injury part of it. Whereas if a little old grandmother who is just minding her business, but inadvertently runs in to the back of your car, quite innocently, but still negligent none the less, and causes severe harm to you, that is a much more viable case than the drunk driver that ran in to you where there were no injuries.

Therefore, you got to have all three prongs and that is what attorneys always look for: Injury, liability and that the liability caused that injury, it was not preexisting in some respects. If you already had a bad back and needed surgery when they ran in to you, then the element of causation becomes more problematic and may affect the viability of the case.

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