Cases differ in value depending upon a whole host of different factors. First of all, think about it from this standpoint, if I broke my arm and I'm a cardiovascular surgeon, that's a little different than if I broke my arm and I'm a lawyer. Obviously, I can practice law even with a broken arm. If I'm a cardiovascular surgeon, I can't do surgery. Likewise, if I broke my arm and I'm 65 years old versus I broke my arm and I'm 18 years old, the healing time, the recovery, everything's going to be totally different in those two scenarios. And so any lawyer that tells you what your case is worth befor getting into it, run — don't walk, run from them. Second thing that really plays a hard factor in these cases is how much coverage is there. If you have a horrific injury where there's no insurance coverage, your case isn't worth very much. It may well be worth a million dollars, but if there's only a $30,000 policy than the value of your case is $30,000.

The last thing I'll mention is who's your lawyer? You don't want to go to a Jack-of-all-trades and the master of none. If you are seriously injured in an automobile accident or any accident for that matter, you want to hire a board certified personal injury trial lawyer who can handle the case. And that's what I've done for the last 34 years of my career, has handled -basically nothing but personal injury cases. If you've been involved in a serious car wreck or any other kind of accident, give me a call, let's talk some more.

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