Should I talk to the insurance adjuster?

Life can quickly become very confusing following a car accident. You may need emergency medical treatment, the police will ask you questions, you will have to take care of your damaged car, and soon after, you will be contacted by an insurance adjuster for the at-fault driver. It’s important to understand why you shouldn’t speak with him.  Dealing with insurance adjusters

Dealing With Your Own Insurance Company

You may be required to notify your own insurer when you are in an accident. If so, or if you aren’t sure what your policy says, you should inform your insurer about the accident within 72 hours. This is especially true when there are injuries and/or significant property damage as a result of the accident. You do not have to provide details, and you should never admit fault—even to your own insurer.

A Call From the at-Fault Driver’s Insurer

You will likely be contacted by the other driver’s insurance adjuster soon after your accident. You are under no obligation to talk to him, no matter who was at fault, and we advise that you do not for the following reasons:

  • The adjuster is hoping to avoid paying out on his driver’s policy by passing fault for the accident to you and your insurer. He will do his best to get you to admit that you did something to contribute to the accident.
  • Insurance adjusters use tricks to confuse and scare you. For example, they may attempt to make a quick settlement, give you an arbitrary deadline for accepting the settlement or say that you don’t need a lawyer.
  • Even if you give only facts, you may say something slightly different later on, and the adjuster will use this to raise questions about your credibility.

Texans are raised to be polite, but now is not the time to use your best manners. Even a casual “I’m sorry” can be used against you later on. It’s best not to speak to the other insurance company at all.

Who Should You Talk to?

To protect your claim for compensation, the first person you should talk to following a serious injury accident is car accident attorney Brad Parker. He will take over all communication with both insurance companies, the police, the other driver, and anyone else who may be involved. Call Parker Law Firm for help with your car accident injury case.


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