How Often Do Cases Go to Court?

Oftentimes cases will never see the light of day inside of a courtroom. In fact, most of the time, most cases don't go to court. The reason is quite simple, because if the case gets worked up properly, it's going to settle just shy of going to trial. Now, there are other law firms out there that just have hundreds of cases, and they are just a mill that just turn them out and those cases almost always settle. It's because they can settle on the cheap in effect. The insurance companies know it; the lawyers know it; everybody knows except the client. At the Parker Law Firm, what we do is we take each and every case and prepare it as if it's going to trial.

The easy answer is almost all cases settle before they go to trial. The harder answer is why are they settling before they go to trial?

There are times that I may try three or four cases in a year. There are times when I may not try any cases in a year. And the reason is quite simple. It's because we were able to get them resolved. Whatever you do, hire an attorney who's going to take your case to trial, or at least is prepared to do that. Only then can you get top dollar best value for your case to make sure that you're compensated as fully and as adequately as the law will allow.

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