What Are Some Of The Biggest Misconceptions People Have When It Comes To Auto Accidents?

The first biggest misconception that most people have is that all of their medical bills and all their economic damages are going to be paid by the at-fault driver. Insurance companies are in the business of making money – not spending it. They will fight even the rear end collision cases. However, more importantly, most people have very little insurance. If you are seriously injured in an automobile crash, often times there is not enough insurance coverage. This is especially so if there are more than 2 people injured.

The second biggest misconception is that the insurance company for the negligent driver will pay for your medical bills as they are incurred. Many times people will go to the hospital or see their doctors’, and not want to use their own health insurance to pay for their bills thinking that the automobile insurance carrier will pay these bills. They will not do that. They will only make one payment and once that payment is made they will not make any other payments. Therefore, it is always best to have your doctors bill your health insurance company directly for the medical care they provide. Only once you have completely quit treating will your claim be ready for settlement.

Another big misconception is that you must pay back the health insurance company that paid for your medical bills from any settlement money that you receive. Subrogation issues and hospital liens can present very complicated scenarios in which medical providers and health insurance companies are entitled to part of your settlement money. Half of the battle is trying to defeat those subrogation and lien interests — or at least minimize them. Most people do not understand all the intricacies that come into play once they receive a settlement from the insurance company.

What Are The Steps Someone Should Take From The Time Of The Accident To Filing The Claim?

If you are physically able, you would obviously want to get pictures of the scene. Pictures of the intersection, pictures of the cars involved, even a picture of the person who hit you. You want to trade information; you want to get all their insurance information. Take a picture of their insurance card. Then write down the information as well if the picture does not turn out well, but often times the picture will give you information that you might forget later on.

The next thing of course if you are injured is to seek immediate medical attention. Many times, people involved in a car crash do not think that they are injured only to wake up the next morning and realize that something is terribly wrong with them. Seeking medical care as soon as possible is critical.

If you are taken away from the scene in an ambulance or seek medical attention immediately and are not able to take any pictures and get the insurance information, then be sure to contact or have your family contact an attorney immediately. The attorney can get involved and try to get the necessary information to pursue the at-fault party and protect your rights.

These are the immediate steps that need to be taken. You should not delay in interviewing and hiring an attorney. In the event you are seriously injured it is even more important that you hire a competent, board certified personal injury attorney to assist you as soon as possible.


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