What Are The Most Common Types Of Accidents Seen In Texas?

The types of accidents commonly seen involve distracted drivers. One can hardly drive down the road without seeing somebody on their telephone or looking at a text on their smartphone. Many of the car wreck cases handled by Parker Law Firm involve distracted driving. Studies have repeatedly shown that distracted driving is just as dangerous driving drunk. Distracted diving could be anything, including eating, drinking, playing with the radio, or looking at your cellphone. The vast numbers of cellphones being used has become a huge problem with driving and texting or talking at the same time.

What Is The Law In Texas Right Now On Cellphone Drivers?

Different communities and localities have different laws in place. Some have laws that will prevent you from talking on a cellphone that is not hands free, while other communities prohibit the use completely while driving. Texas as a state, does not have any uniform law in place other than you cannot talk on a cell phone in a school zone.

What Is A No-Fault State And How Does That Apply In Texas?

Texas is NOT a No-Fault state. No-Fault means that rather than relying on the person who hits you for their insurance coverage, you rely on your own coverage! Texas is known as a third-party state which means that the person who causes the accident is the one primarily liable for any injuries caused by the crash. In Texas, there is form of No-Fault which is commonly referred to as Personal Injury Protection (PIP) or Medical Payment Coverage. You can buy that coverage yourself and it will help with some of the deductibles and out of pocket co-pays. Typically, you will see PIP offered in a range of $2,500 to $5,000. It is a very good insurance to buy because it will help you with your out of pocket expenses immediately. Since Texas is NOT a No-Fault state, attorneys look to the at fault party to compensate you for your losses.

What Is The Time Limit For Bringing A Personal Injury Lawsuit In Texas?

You have two years from the date of the crash in which you have to bring suit if necessary. Unfortunately, a lot of people think that they do not need to get a lawyer right away because they have two years in order to file a lawsuit, which is not true at all. Many times, it is necessary to get a lawyer involved immediately so that evidence can be preserved, witness statements can be obtained and to work out the medical liens and subrogation issues. If you wait until the last minute, other problems can arise, such as the defendant driver or the person who caused the crash may have moved and cannot be located. In case you cannot find them, then you are not going to be able to sue them. Even if you file suit before the expiration of the two year limitations period, the law requires service on the defendant immediately which can lead to the suit being dismissed if not served extremely quickly. So the simple answer is, it is two years from the day of the crash, but if you have been seriously injured in an automobile crash, you need to seek counsel immediately. Delays only work to hurt your case.

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