What Are The Minimum Insurance Requirements In Texas?

The minimum insurance requirements in Texas are $30,000 per person per incident up to $60,000. That means that each person driving on the road is supposed to have an insurance policy that will pay someone whom they injure up to $30,000. It will also pay if there are two people in the car or even three, four or five, up to $60,000 divided between all the occupants of the vehicle. That is not a lot of money in the scheme of things. Especially if you are seriously injured, and spend much time in the hospital. One of the most beneficial types of insurance that you can have is UI/UIM or Under Insured/Uninsured Motorist Coverage. That is insurance that you buy for yourself and your family that will help pay the bills in the event that the person who hits you does not have enough insurance or they are completely uninsured.

What Types Of Compensation Does Someone Have If They Have Been In An Auto Accident With An Under Insured Or Uninsured Motorist?

Your rights are going to be the same no matter what. The real question will be whether there is the availability of you being able to seek compensation because of the person being uninsured or underinsured? That is why it is so important to have that type of coverage that you purchase for yourself. Unfortunately in Texas, the minimum limits are $30,000. Most drivers who have insurance at all will only have $30,000. Therefore if you are seriously injured, the availability of UI/UIM coverage becomes extremely important. It is amazing how many people are still on the roads that still do not have any insurance what so ever.

If you are seriously injured in an automobile accident, and you do not have uninsured or under-insured motorist coverage, and the at-fault party has no insurance or even minimum limits, then that is all you are going to see from the result of any lawsuit or any claim that has been made. That is why it is imperative to protect yourself against the negligence of other people. Uninsured motorist coverage is some of the cheapest insurance that you can buy. While it may not seem cheap, it is cheaper than most insurance coverages and it is something that you really need to have in the event that you are a loved one is seriously injured in a car crash.

What Should Someone Do If They Discovered That The Other Driver Who Hit Them Does Not Have Insurance Or Is Underinsured? What Are Some Of The Things That They Can Do To Protect Themselves?

The thing that you do to protect yourself is to buy UI/UIM coverage. You are going to have to still establish the liability of the person who hit you and then turn around and make the claim against your own insurance company for UI/UIM coverage to apply. It is not an easy process and most insurance companies will fight their own insured by trying to minimize the claim. They nearly always assert that you were not really hurt, it was a preexisting injury or you are a malingerer. Your own insurance company will often times fight that the other party was not liable for the accident and therefore UI/UIM does not apply. It is a very complicated process and that is another reason why you absolutely need to a hire a board certified personal injury lawyer in order to help you navigate these treacherous waters.

What Are Some Of The Biggest Misunderstandings People Have When It Comes To Someone Who Is Uninsured Or Under-Insured When It Comes To An Accident?

A lot of people think that people that do not have insurance could go to jail. In reality, you cannot put someone in jail for not having insurance. They can and often time do lose their driver’s license, but that is about the extent of it. At the risk of sounding like a broken record, this is again the number one reason you need to buy as much UI/UIM coverage that you can possibly afford – in order to protect yourself against those that are not responsible because if you are involved in a serious car crash, that might be the only insurance available to compensate you for your injuries.

The main misconception is that people really believe that you are supposed to have insurance and they just do not understand that having the minimum amount of insurance is many times not anywhere near enough and that their injuries are going to go uncompensated unless they have protected themselves by buying UI/UIM coverage.

What Generally Are the Outcomes for People in These Under-Insured / Uninsured Auto Accident Cases?

It depends. The real question becomes how much and whether or not it is full or complete recovery. Again, if there is no insurance then there is nothing to be obtained. Notwithstanding, the Parker Law Firm has routinely sued uninsured or under-insured people with the desire of being able to absolutely get them to confirm in writing or under oath that they have no assets, or in the alternative, the fear of the lawsuit sometimes compels them to find hidden money. Imagine that!

It is the idea that they can compensate or get themselves out of this predicament that they are in. On the other hand, there are way too many occasions that have to be explained to the clients because the person who hit them quite frankly does not have any assets that judgment could attach to or insufficient assets. There is nothing an attorney can do for them other than obtain minimum policy limits and go on from there.

However, in those circumstances where there is no or very little insurance, the attorneys at Parker Law Firm work very hard in negotiating with the medical providers who claim that they are owed money to significantly reduce if not waive their medical expenses.

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