Trucking accidents are like no other. A lot of people want to call them big car crashes — they're not. When you have 80,000 pounds of steel rolling down the highway at 70 miles an hour against your 5,000 pound automobile, there's no question who the “winner” is going to be. Oftentimes injuries are horrific.

In those kinds of cases. You want to sue the trucking company — not just the driver.

So, the simple answer is absolutely yes, you can sue the trucking company. There's other folks that might be involved as well such as the shipper, the dispatcher — there's a whole host of different folks that may be involved and we oftentimes need to include them because the injuries are so horrific that you want as much insurance coverage or assets possible. Because if they've caused brain damage, you may be looking at a life care plan for that person that’s millions of dollars. There's so much that can go wrong in a truck accident and you really need someone who's experienced about finding the coverages, finding the liability and finding how all the parties interplay.

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