Two Army Vets Sue Over Deadly Train Crash

Two Army veterans and their wives have filed suit against a railroad company for a deadly crash involving a truck and a train. A parade honoring wounded veterans for their military service turned tragic when a train crashed into the flatbed truck, which was carrying the vets. Four veterans of Iraq and Afghanistan were killed and 16 civilians were injured in the crash that occurred on November 15. The truck was attempting to cross the tracks when the accident occurred. Officials state that the warning signals were already activated when the truck attempted the crossing.

The lawsuit, filed by two veterans and their wives, was done so quickly in order to preserve evidence. An attorney for one of the plaintiffs expects more of the crash victims to join the lawsuit. The suit names Union Pacific Railroad Inc. and Smith Industries Inc., the owner of the truck, as defendants and cites negligence and recklessness. Although no specific amount in damages has been put forth, the lawsuit claims 28 ways the railroad was negligent.

The lawsuit also claims that the train did not appear to slow down or brake before striking the vehicle. Although Union Pacific would not comment on the lawsuit, a spokesperson for the company stated that federal investigators already determined that the truck entered the crossing after the warning light and bells had been activated.

Parker Law Firm extends our thoughts and prayers to the victims of this tragedy and their families.

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