When You’re Hurt in an Accident, Find the Information You Need to Move Forward

Our blog offer Texas accident victims the information they need now. Read our posts to learn more about your rights and options after you’ve suffered injuries because of someone else’s careless behavior. Find out what a legal case can mean for you and your family and learn more about how our experienced Bedford injury attorneys can help.

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  • Keeping Your Cool Behind the Wheel Road rage causes more severe accidents and injuries because of the aggressive driving involved. Here are some road rage statistics and helpful safety tips.
  • Springtime Driving Dangers Springtime driving comes with its own set of dangers. While the hazards of rain are obvious, there are several other factors that drivers...
  • Pain in the Neck Car accidents are responsible for the greatest number of whiplash injuries, but they often go undiagnosed. Attorney Brad Parker explains.
  • Burden of Proof Evidence and credible witnesses are crucial parts to a successful outcome in any personal injury case. Attorney Brad Parker explains why & how they matter.
  • Eight Ways You Can Sabotage Your Personal Injury Claim If you file a personal injury claim, your actions will be subjected to intense scrutiny. These are the 8 most common mistakes that you don’t want to make.
  • Rated Top Attorney Ads of 2020 by Great Legal Marketing Great Legal Marketing awarded Parker Law Firm in their Top Attorney Ads of 2020. Learn more!
  • The Age Factor Many variables may affect the value of your claim, but what part does your age play in your personal injury case? Texas attorney Brad Parker explains further.
  • Presence of Mind Traumatic brain injury results in impairments, such as cognition, language, memory, physical functions, speech or psychosocial behavior.
  • Spinal Cord Injury: Severity and Treatment The section of the spinal cord that is damaged may determine the severity of an injury. We outline the effects & potential treatments for spinal cord injuries.
  • Coping with Spinal Cord Injury Paralysis following an accident can be a complicated world to live in and make it difficult to focus on the future. Bedford attorney explains further.