Texas Truck Wreck Report For April

TRUCK WRECK REPORTSince the first of April, there have been 16 serious wrecks involving 18-wheelers in the state of Texas. A total of 12 people were killed as a result of these wrecks, while many more were hurt and millions of dollars in property damage was accrued. Below is a summary of the most serious wrecks.

18-Wheeler Snags Individual's Foot 

April 7th, Argyle, TX – Denton County officials have identified that Daniel Moran, 22, was killed in an accident involving an 18-wheeler driven by his father on the Argyle Middle School and High School campus Tuesday morning. Troy Taylor, the chief death investigator for Denton County, said Moran was directing a trailer alongside his grandfather, Bonifaco Moran, when his foot somehow got caught under the rear passenger side axel, pulling him under.

Multi-Person Accident in Fort Worth, Texas

April 12th, Fort Worth, TX – Five people were killed, 12 hurt after a crash involving an 18-wheeler along I-30 in East Fort Worth early Sunday, authorities said. The accident was reported just before 2:30 a.m. in the westbound lanes off the freeway near Oakland Boulevard. MedStar reports four patients were pronounced dead on the scene, one male, and three female. Another patient was taken to a local hospital but later died. Another patient had critical, potentially life-threatening injuries and one patient had serious injuries, said spokesman Matt Zavadsky. Police say the 18-wheeler struck the vehicle that had been involved in the initial accident early Sunday morning and then struck several vehicles and people who stopped to help.

Two Semi-Trucks Crash in Oldham County, Texas

April 14th, Oldham County, TX – Two people are dead after a collision involving two semi-trucks, according to the Department of Public Safety. Officials say 62-year-old Robert Holland, of Texline, was traveling southbound on US-385 Tuesday morning when he crossed the center median and into the opposite lane of traffic, Holland struck another semi-truck driven by 62-year-old Edward Walker, of Umbarger. Holland’s truck rolled over on its left side after the impact, eventually coming to rest in a ditch. Walker continued driving northbound after the crash, eventually coming to rest in a ditch further up on the opposite side of the highway.

Corpus Christi, Texas Accident Involves Tractor Trailer

April 19th, Corpus Christi, TX – DPS Officials have identified the two who died as 76-year old Josefa Arredondo Titsworth of Freer and 83-year old Delfina Arredondo Villarreal of Corpus Christi. Two people have died following an accident just inside the Brooks County line on Highway 281 near Falfurrias. DPS officials on the scene say that a semi-tractor trailer and a passenger vehicle collided just before 5 Saturday afternoon.

Tractor Trailer Accident Causes Oil Spill in Harleton, TX

April 27th, Harleton, TX – A Big Sandy man is dead in an 18-wheeler accident near Harleton. The preliminary report identifies the deceased as 56-year-old Allan Douglas Rambin. The fatal accident occurred shortly before 5 am Monday on Davidson Road near FM 450 in Harrison County. A crude oil spill resulted from the accident, and a hazmat crew was called out to the accident site. Other details are not being released at this time, and the wreck is under investigation.

Three Vehicle Accident Causes Car Fire in Houston, TX

April 27th, Houston, TX – A fatal accident involving at least three vehicles is causing a big mess on the west side of town. All lanes of the Katy Freeway westbound at Bingle were shut down Monday night because of the wreck, as are the managed lanes. According to TxDOT, the freeway was expected to remain closed until at least 11pm. Authorities say the wreck is fatal and involves an 18-wheeler, but have not yet said how it happened. We know one of the cars burst into flames. We’ll continue to monitor this traffic tie-up and post the very latest on abc13.com.

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