Study Finds Fatigued Driving High Among Fleet Drivers

FATIGUED DRIVING AMONG FLEET DRIVERSFleet drivers, including company and van drivers, may be even more at risk of being involved in accidents, compared to motorists, especially across long stretches of Texas highways. A new highway safety study shows that these motorists may be especially at risk for fatigued driving.

The survey of more than 450 company car drivers, and the researchers found that close to half, or 47% did not take adequate breaks while on their journey. Only 37% of the drivers admitted that they would take a break after driving for about 3 hours. That is at least 50% longer than the recommended time between breaks.

About 6% of the persons in the survey said that they would only stop for a break after driving for 4 straight hours, while 4 percent said that they wouldn’t bother to stop to rest at all on a long trip.

The staff at Parker Law Firm wants everyone to practice safe driving habits, whether behind the wheel of a car or truck and urges drivers to take breaks often when driving long distances.

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