Retailers Recall Nap Nanny Infant Recliners

RECALL NAP NANNY INFANT RECLINERSFour major retailers, including Amazon.Com, Toys “R” Us/Babies R. Us, Bye Bye Baby and, have recalled the Nap Nanny infant recliners even as the company, Baby Matter, that manufactures the product refused to announce a recall. The Consumer Product Safety Commission confirmed that it received as many as 70 complaints about infant injuries resulting from the use of the Nap Nanny infant recliner, which included 5 infant fatalities.

Mandatory Recall of the Product 

The Consumer Product Safety Commission has been negotiating with Baby Matters about initiating the recall for some time, but the company has declined to issue a mandatory recall of the product. The company continues to insist that the product is completely safe, and that no infant has been injured when the product is used properly, even as the company faces numerous lawsuits.

Complaints Lead to Recall 

In 2010, similar complaints led to a recall of the Nap Nanny recliners, but in response to that recall the company redesigned the product, increasing its size and adding warning labels. The company also made an instructional video, which was offered along with the product.

Even after the redesign, however, complaints of injuries and fatalities continued. The Consumer Product Safety Commission firmly believes there is an inherent design flaw in the Napa Nanny recliner, which places infants at risk of injury or fatality.

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