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  • Common Injuries Among Healthcare Workers These are the most common injuries among those working in the medical field and ways to protect these heroes.
  • Construction Industry Injuries Here are your options if you’ve been seriously injured on the job site. Bedford Attorney Brad Parker talks through workers comp questions.
  • Common Injuries Among Children Drowning, burns, suffocation, car crashes, and dog bites are some of the common ways children are hurt or killed. Bedford attorney helps you avoid injuries.
  • Back to School with COVID North Texas school districts could face a rising tide of complaints and potential lawsuits during the 2020 – 2021 school year due to the spread of COVID-19.
  • Gender Differences in Occupational Injuries Studies show there is a difference in the types of accidents most commonly reported by men and women. We examine how gender plays a role in workplace injuries.
  • Zantac Linked to Cancer The FDA requested stores to immediately withdraw all Zantac drugs from shelves due to the numerous studies showing a link between ranitidine and cancer.
  • Fun on the Fourth Alcohol, fireworks, driving & boating can prove to be lethal combinations for Fourth of July revelers. Here are tips to keep you safe this Independence Day.
  • Serious Summer Injuries Despite how much fun summer is, it’s a season full of potential injuries. Attorney Brad Parker talks about potential injuries and how to protect yourself.
  • Pool Safety Steps Chances for an injury in or around the swimming pool are high, especially during the summer. Bedford law firm has a safety checklist all pool owners should see.
  • Coronavirus and Your Personal Injury Claim Bedford attorney highlights some of the ways the COVID-19 pandemic might affect personal injury claims and how to overcome these obstacles.