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  • Eight Ways You Can Sabotage Your Personal Injury Claim If you file a personal injury claim, your actions will be subjected to intense scrutiny. These are the 8 most common mistakes that you don’t want to make.
  • The Age Factor Many variables may affect the value of your claim, but what part does your age play in your personal injury case? Texas attorney Brad Parker explains further.
  • 12 Days of Christmas Safety Do you want to skip a trip to the ER this Christmas? Here’s our countdown of 12 safety tips to keep the holiday merry and bright.
  • Presence of Mind Traumatic brain injury results in impairments, such as cognition, language, memory, physical functions, speech or psychosocial behavior.
  • Avoiding Caregiver Burnout Are you caring for a loved one or relative with illness, dementia or other life transitions? Here are 10 facts every caregiver in North Texas should know.
  • Spinal Cord Injury: Severity and Treatment The section of the spinal cord that is damaged may determine the severity of an injury. We outline the effects & potential treatments for spinal cord injuries.
  • Coping with Spinal Cord Injury Paralysis following an accident can be a complicated world to live in and make it difficult to focus on the future. Bedford attorney explains further.
  • What Classifies Catastrophic? If you suffered a catastrophic injury at the hand of someone else’s negligence, how does the law define the severity of your damages?
  • Common Occupational Illnesses & Diseases Occupational injuries such as a broken leg are easy to identify, but illnesses & diseases caused by exposure in the workplace can be tougher to pinpoint.
  • Work Injuries and the Opioid Crisis If you have a serious work-related injury, it’s likely that your doctor will prescribe opioids. Evidence shows a strong tie between workers’ comp & addiction.