MIT Researchers Develop Technology To Make Your Drive Safer

TECHNOLOGY TO MAKE YOUR DRIVE SAFERIf you haven’t heard about Google’s self-driving car being tested on the California highways, you will soon. Researchers at MIT have developed a semi-autonomous system, much like the Google car, that can take control of your car when the threat of an accident arises. It’s a sort of auto-pilot for vehicles.

The system detects objects near the car, then warns the driver of an impending crash. If the driver does not respond in a timely manner, the system will take over control of the car and avoid the danger, even steering the car around the danger. Until the system senses an impending threat, it stays in the background, allowing the driver control of the vehicle. The system can also detect things such as the vehicle drifting into another lane, which will benefit drivers in danger of falling asleep at the wheel.

We hope drivers will continue to trust their own instincts and be aware of their surroundings before they rely on their vehicle to take over.

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