It Is Proven That Larger Vehicles Protect Better in Accidents

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LARGER VEHICLES CAN HELP PREVENT INJURIESAlthough smaller vehicles are much safer than they used to be, and newer models have side and rear airbags, when it comes to serious accidents in the Dallas/Fort Worth area, larger vehicles still protect occupants better. If passenger safety is a priority, then you should shop for larger vehicle models and stay away from small passenger sedans, according to the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety.

The weight and bulk of the vehicle still counts as much as it ever did, and smaller, lighter cars are still riskier than bigger heavier vehicles. Injuries suffered in larger vehicle accidents, tend to be much less severe, especially in a head-on collision. If the accident involves a smaller vehicle and a larger vehicle, the larger, heavy vehicle pushes the lighter one backward, thereby increasing the risk of serious injury for passengers in the smaller car. The impact to the passengers in the larger vehicle is actually reduced as the smaller vehicle absorbs much of the g-force of the accident.

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Smaller cars simply have very little space in front to absorb impact. That means occupants have less space that can cushion their bodies from injuries during impact. People in large cars simply have greater protection, because they absorb so much of the impact.

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